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At the center of doing


At the center of doing


The Forge is a center for innovation where creating and learning go hand-in-hand. Located in a former 19th century slaughter house and strategically positioned between Google Pittsburgh and the neighborhood of Homewood, The Forge’s foundation is built on community engagement and the intersection of ideas across diverse social economic backgrounds. 


Forging Communities


Forging Communities


With five floors and over 90,000 square feet of space, The Forge is where innovation is grown, quite literally. Anchored by one of the nation’s most advanced indoor aquaponic food production operations, The Forge is the intersection of leading edge technology, design-thinking and social engagement where outcome-driven ideas become reality.

The Forge provides free or low cost access for entrepreneurs to state-of-the-art technology, office space, meeting rooms, audio visual equipment, maker space, seminars, career training and hands-on support from industry leaders.   


The Forge is where people come together in a creative and collaborative environment. The open exchange of ideas, freedom to experiment and results-driven focus are its greatest assets.  

Regardless of background or market vertical, if the passion is there and the concept solid, The Forge is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and community needs through knowledge leadership, cutting-edge facilities and educational outreach. 

forger banner.jpg

Sum of the Whole


Sum of the Whole

The Forge is a cross disciplined approach to fostering community based innovation. It is comprised of five core areas. The cross pollination of approaches all have foundations in non-linear methodologies with the end product consisting of educational opportunities, and definable, actionable economic results. 


Innovation Campus

The Innovation Campus is a physical center for education, community engagement and the forging of diverse approaches to innovation and technology. The multi-faceted facility consists of shared meeting spaces, a cafe, and individual and group work spaces.

Education Center

Nationally recognized educators and leaders in science, technology, design, entrepreneurship and green innovation share their knowledge and experience within a multidisciplinary format. Single classes and semester long offerings provide real world, actionable learning for people of all education levels.

Maker Space

Designed as a complement to the Pittsburgh Tech Shop, this maker space is a fully equipped 9,000 square foot facility geared to education, training and product development.





Agritecture is a state-of-the-art indoor aquaponics operation utilizing a highly efficient process for green vegetative food production. In addition to local food production and distribution it is a testbed for emerging green technology and best practices. Job training and educational outreach is the cornerstone of this component. 


Designed as a national model for sustainable green building practices, the Nanotel is a roof-based complex consisting of six freestanding living quarters. Constructed from recycled shipping containers, each space is available for both short-term and extended stays. Its rooftop placement allows guests an unprecedented view of the surrounding East End community.



Facilities & Programming


Facilities & Programming

Our Facilities


  • Meeting Rooms
  • Laboratory
  • Commercial Grade Kitchen 
  • Pod-Casting and Video Production
  • 40,000+ Sq Ft Shared Office Space
  • 300+ Seat Auditorium Space
  • Shipping Dock
  • 8,000 Sq Ft Technical Shop
  • Cafe
  • Exercise and Locker space


  • Fiber-Optic High Speed Internet
  • Video Conferencing
  • White-Board Room
  • Unix Servers
  • Solar, Bio-Diesel, Wind Power
  • Greenhouse and Growing Floor
  • Six Living Space Rentals
  • Freight Elevator
  • Gallery Space
  • Green Roof

Sample Floorplans


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Sample Programming

User Group Meetings

  • Mobile Gaming Group
  • Social Enterprise Group
  • Sports Software Group
  • Makers Group
  • Startup Founders Group
  • Drone Tech Group
  • Robotics Entrepreneurs Group
  • Green Tech Group
  • Transition PGH Group
  • PGH Entrepreneur Group
  • User Experience Design Group
  • Web Design Group
  • Rails Girls PGH Group
  • PGH Graphic Design Group
  • Women Entrepreneurs Group
  • PGH Invents Group

Seminars and Conferences

  • Local and National thought leaders 

Startup Weekends

  • General and Industry specific

Pitch Practice

  • Industry mentors and in House Staff

Career Fairs

  • Themed events with national reach



  • Industry Mentors and full access to facilities

Youth Business Mentoring

  • Scholarship based mentoring

Job Training

  • Across all five components

Green Technology Training

  • Across multiple sectors

Green Startup Workshop

  • Local and national partners

Speaker Series

  • Year round offerings

Continuing Education

  • Partnerships with industry and institutions

Tech Demos

  • Emerging and established Tech